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2 In 1 Versatile Fully Rugged Laptop Panasonic Toughbook CF 20

Are you Looking for a durable, smart and handy device for your everyday highly demanding and difficult work, Panasonic CF-20 is exactly the device you need to solve your computing problems?

The growth in the 2-in-1 tablet/laptop hybrid is introduced to simplify the needs of both white and blue collar workers who require a robust and portable computer, in addition the flexibility of a 2-in-1 hybrid makes sense for this market.

The Panasonic’s CF-20 is tough enough to prosper in any challenging physical environments, it is as thoughtfully designed and solidly built for the rugged sector. As one of the latest models it comes with a removable keyboard, it is the number one choice for Fieldwork professionals and is also great for firefighters, police officers, military and for those needing a durable lightweight and a maximum performance laptop/tablet hybrid.

The Panasonic CF-20 has an amazing 10.1-inch-wide screen and is has a thickness of 1.3 inches making it lightweight and portable while only weighing 1.7 kg compared to its preceding models the CF-20 is all weather and all conditions certified, this magnesium alloy Toughbook has been certified to withstand shock, vibration, rain, sand, dust, high altitudes, high and freezing temperatures and a 6ft drop.

Some other features of this Toughbook are its hard drive heaters, spill resistant keyboard, and protected LCD screen. The Panasonic CF-20 also comes with a shock mounted SSD (solid stated drive) that protects its data against drops and bumps, The Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 also has an anti-glare which means the LCD screen is clearly visible in the open sunlight which is also fully HD. It also comes standard with multi touch capabilities which can detect multiple points of contact even through your gloves. The Digitizer is also an option for upgrade, which works with your gloves but can also detect when a stylus (pen) is being used making your job a whole lot easier in getting signatures and handwritten notes.

The Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 in KSA comes with a primary battery and an option to add a hot-swappable battery which can be found in the keyboard. The state-of-the-art design also provides a 1.1 Ghz intel core processor, 8 GB RAM, the SSDs (are available in options of 128GB, 256GB or 512GB) and all the drives are shock mounted and with drive heaters.

Its tablet comes with the standard USB 3.0 port, Micro SD port, HDMI port, Ethernet port, and a headphone jack. The tablet also come with a fully HD 1080p webcam with microphone. The keyboard part of the model has 2 more USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB 2.0 port, a regular card reader, an additional HDMI port and a VGA connection. The Panasonic CF-20 comes with a standard WIFI/Bluetooth connectivity with an option of 4G LTE or a dedicated GPS.

There are options for several upgrades to the system like a Barcode reader, Rear-Facing Camera, Smart card, Fingerprint scanner and a whole lot more. The Panasonic CF-20 can be a great addition to your workplace with a 3 year warranty.

Various uses of The Panasonic CF-20 on the field:

The use of Panasonic CF-20 in the line of first responders during its initial deployment help the officers experience several advantages immediately, the laptop/tablet hybrid transforms the officers patrol vehicle into a portable office where they can do everything in the vehicle that they would usually do on their desks like respond to Emails, write reports, monitor what the other officers are doing or find out their location by the help of the GPS tracking system. It is said to give a great return on investment as they could maintain the device for 4-5 years. The CF- 20’s capabilities of adapting helps with the integration of many different peripherals like the fingerprint scanner and ticketing service etc. while drafting a handwritten ticket takes 5-10 mins which has cut down the time to mere seconds.

The Panasonic CF-20 in the medical field are designed in such a way that whether they are dropped or get wet with liquids they work completely fine, And the devices can also be disinfected using chemicals like bleach and alcohol. The Panasonic CF-20 can also connect to peripherals like blood pressure gauges etc to provide detailed reports on the go.

The military and defense forces use the Panasonic CF-20 to control drones or to request military strikes with precision, also the 6 different modes help meet every other possible need. The tough book that can be used with gloves on, in different weathers, and is extremely durable is just the right device the soldier would need on the field.


Leading 5 Diagnostic Tools You Have To Have In 2019

As a professional automotive professional, you have actually spent uncommon amounts of money in devices to be able to do your job. The last point I intend to think about is the amount of money I will certainly be spending following year. I have actually assembled this checklist to help you decide which tools are going to offer you with the most effective return on investment.

  1. Laptop. The time has come if you do not already have one on top of your box. I can not picture what I would certainly do without mine. I am always walking over to my laptop to look up torque specs, find a wiring representation or even just to learn just how much oil a vehicle takes. I bear in mind those days not so long ago where I had to make that long journey all the way to the office and battle the other professionals to make use of that a person COMPUTER we had available to us. With the cost of laptop computers visiting the min, you no longer have an excuse. I consider them non reusable as well as simply buy the least costly one I can find. I figure that I can get 5 $300 laptop computers for the price of one reduced end Best Panasonic Toughbook in UAE, so if I threw one away every 2 years that Toughbook would certainly have to last one decade to validate the expenditure.
  2. J2534 Pass Via Interface. The days of fixing a check engine light by changing a component and also getting rid of the codes is rapidly passing. If you have observed a stable boost in the number of TSB’s for codes that consist of reprogramming the ECU as part of and in some cases the whole repair service, you are not the only one. In times like we are in now, you need to have the ability to keep as much work in house as feasible. If you are not executing ECU reprogramming, you are sending out hundreds of bucks out the door to the dealer or you competitor that is. I recommend the iFlash interface since it is the least costly completely certified interface presently offered.
  3. Smoke Maker. The rates have actually come down so reduced it is time to give up making reasons and buy one. You can not properly detect an evap leakage without one. You understand you require it.
  4. Identifix registration. I know this is intended to be about devices. I consider my Identifix membership to be one of the most useful devices I have. The amount of time conserved diagnosing vehicles is outstanding.
  5. Training. Yeah I know this is supposed to be regarding devices. Do on your own a support as well as venture out there as well as find out something new next year. Whether it is going to a class, reading a publication or enjoying a DVD, do something. The only means to climb to the top of this career is to be consistently discovering. I would certainly recommend a class on crossbreeds. This is a market that is going to be striking the independent stores in the following couple of years. If you have not seen any crossbreeds, just wait they are coming.

In conclusion, Spending your tool loan sensibly in the next year will certainly repay in increased sales and also inevitably even more cash in your purse.