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Backyard Cinema Hire In Melbourne | Make An Event With Your Friends

Backyard Cinema Hire In Melbourne is a service that allows you to rent a movie screen in your backyard. Transform your backyard into a theatre with our DIY package screens and bring the magic of the movies to your home.

Consider your next backyard movie night: flicks by the pool or the big game projected on a massive inflatable screen. Hence, it’s conceivable and reasonable with our packages, which come in a variety of screen sizes to suit any budget. So, any backyard tv screen company can’t compete with our kits’ combination of value, image and sound performance, and quality.

Backyard Cinema Hire In Melbourne

Our Backyard Cinema hire packages to come in two sizes: a smaller inflatable screen and a larger inflatable screen, which can accommodate up to 200 people.

The backyard theatre screens are easy to erect and dismantle. One person can put it together in 15 minutes. So, to make it even easier, we provide you with a step-by-step instructional video. Before your hiring, our friendly large screen hire crew will provide you with detailed instructions and a hands-on lesson so that you can feel confident in your screen set-up.

Rent a Big Screen for a Movie Party

We have easy pick-up and drop-off locations and weekend rental pricing that includes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

When you hire, you’ll get the following:

  • Inflatable Screen in the size of your choice
  • So, Speakers for Surround Sound in the Outdoors
  • Sound Mixer
  • Besides, Optima Digital Projector
  • Thus, Player (DVD)
  • Xbox, Playstation, Apple devices, and laptop connections
  • All necessary electrical and speaker cords, as well as ropes and a carrying box.

Hire A Bean Bag

So, are you looking for a place to sit as well? Easy! Bean bags are available for hiring and come in a range of ten vibrant colours. Therefore, Colours include black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, white, and yellow.

It will provide a splash of colour to any gathering. They’re portable, long-lasting, and appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. Hence, you can get them from our warehouse in a flash. For a modest additional price, we can also deliver. So, call us right now to put together your ideal movie night package via Backyard Cinema Hire In Melbourne.

Important Information Before Booking

Our backyard theatre rental has been developed and built specifically for easy set-up in the backyard. It’s appropriate for every occasion, including birthdays, engagements, weddings, and family movie nights.

The systems are particularly popular at school fundraisers and a wide range of business activities and events. We may add one of our portable PA systems with a wireless microphone to an engagement party or company function.

With some of our water-resistant beanbags and inflatable marquees and igloos, you can now watch movies beneath the stars in perfect comfort.

Personal video recorders of the most recent model are available in our audiovisual units. On the huge screen, you may also watch your favourite live sports games.

If you’re searching for some ideas, we’ve put together a list of popular movies Backyard Cinema Hire In Melbourne to get you started. ‘Music of the Past’ themes like ‘Woodstock,’ ‘Glastonbury,’ and the Beatles collection have been perennial favourites. Another option is to have a horror movie night.

The following items included in the Backyard Cinema Hire In Melbourne: 

  • Backyard movie screen
  • support truss frame
  • Projector
  • DVD Blu-ray player
  • System for storing iPods, iPhones, Laptops, Hard Drives, and USB Drives
  • Outstanding speakers and subwoofers
  • Singstar is a feature that can introduce.
  • A set-top box may install, as well as a PA system and a cordless microphone.

Backyard Cinema Refreshment

If you want fantastic food and drink with your outdoor movie night, then why not bundle the system with one of our wood-fired pizza oven/slush drink combo trailers? We will transport anything you need on a single trailer. Fresh bakery pizza bases, granita, and cocktail slush syrups are all on the menu. Full directions and firewood, cooking utensils, and toppings bowls will be present in the package.

Guests seem to like preparing their pizzas, based on our experience. They like the variety of topping bowls, and most of them will try their hand cooking in the oven.

Instead of having to prepare food and drinks, you can relax and enjoy the evening.

If you have the space, one of our new trailer-mounted outdoor cinema systems with everything set up onboard a trailer is a great option. All we have to do now is delivering, plug it on, and walk away!

Igloos For A Backyard Cinema

Backyard cinema Melbourne Igloos are spectacular tunnel-shaped inflatable igloos that are exclusive to Party Cave Entertainment. In these cinemas, there are built-in movie screens. These are the ultimate in outdoor cinema, with powered speakers, a DVD player, and a projector. The igloo’s colour changes from white to a rainbow of colours thanks to LED lights.

The igloo can comfortably house 50 beanbags. Retro popcorn carts, fairy floss machines, slushie machines, style hot dog concession carts, retro coffee and banquet trikes, bar tables, café tables and chairs, stools and ottomans are among the possible add-ons. Hence, Small bands, duets, and DJs will have the opportunity to perform here. So, Red dance floor and disco lights are also available, making it ideal for dance gatherings.

DJ lighting effects, smoke machine, LED lights, smart TV PLUS an electric wind down, outdoor movie screen, and projector are all included in this fantastic party trailer. Thus, you may now experience the ultimate dance party followed by outdoor movies on the big screen under the stars.

Add Ons

  • Water-resistant beanbags – yellow, purple, green, blue, black, orange and grey
  • Inflatable marquees/igloos with inbuilt LED lighting
  • DJ Dancebox with Bluetooth
  • Fog Machine
  • PA System with wireless microphone
  • Singstar function
  • Popcorn Machine Retro
  • Red dance floor
  • Pole mounted LED lighting
  • Usherette trays

Huge Trailer Mounted Screen

With a large trailer-mounted screen, you won’t have to worry about unfavourable wind conditions at your event. So, this trailer-mounted system includes a Behringer audio unit that provides crisp, clear sound throughout the night.

The trailer is available for hire with an operator and various add-ons such as beanbags, popcorn machines, slushie machines, hot dog machines, and wood-fired pizza oven carts. Thus, this mounting system is perfect for community and club events, sporting events, fetes and fairs, and other similar occasions.


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